When will be the EFTC 2023?

28 – 30 September 2023

Where will the competition be held?

The venue for the competition and all the other associated activities is Varshets town, which is situated at the foot of peak Todorini Kukli, on the northern slopes of mountain Stara Planina, in the southern part of the large Vurshetsa valley along the Botunia river. The Sofia Airport is 120 km away. In the city is the second largest natural park on the Balkan Peninsula. The weather is soft mountain climate with temperature between 10 – 20°C.

The Course

Three courses will be designed by 50 targets each. It will be set up, to meet  the requirements of the WFTF rules.
Check on google maps -> coordinates 43°11’05.5″N 23°17’04.0″E


The Competition will be held near SPA Hotel ATA in Varshets town which will be our host.
Recommended hotels

How much will it cost?

Entry fee: 150€ / person (3 day competition and Awards Dinner)
Team fee: 60€ / per team (PCP/SPRINGER)
Welcome drink: 5€ / person (It is optional)
Awards dinner for extra guest: 30€ (Only required for every additional guest)
T-shirt: 25€ / per piece (Special Championships edition, personalized)

How to register?

Contact your RGB and ask. Only RGB registration is allowed.
Maximum number of participants: 225