How do I register?
Contact your local RGB to proceed your registration. Only RGB registration is allowed.

Where the Competition will be held?
The EFTC 2023 will take place at town Varshets. It is on 113km from the Sofia Airport.

What is the Currency in Bulgaria?
The currency used in Bulgaria is BGN. You cannot use EUR in local stores.

What is the air rifle law in Bulgaria?
Bulgaria Airgun law:
The air rifles are treated as pneumatic weapon by the Bulgarian law.
For a rifles with a muzzle energy below 24J there is no requirements for a registration and a license.

What is the limit of registered shooters?
Our limit is 225 shooters. We will have one session with 3 shooters per shooting group on each line.

What is the weather in the Competition period?
The average daily temperatures for this period are 10 -21 C.